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Currently on Tap
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There's Always 2 beers on tap at Badbrew Brewing Company. See below for our current offerings and a brief description of each beer on tap.

Badbrew Brewing Company beers are brewed on-site using Badbrew's custom built 10 gallon all-grain RIMS system. See Brewing at Badbrew for a tour of the system and a detailed description of Badbrew Brewing Company's brewing process.

Sweet Potato Stout –Celebrating it's 20th Anniversary, Sweet Potato Stout is our most award-winning brew, and the flagship beer of Badbrew Brewing Company. First brewed in December of 1996, it was a world-wide finalist best beer in Morgan's Brewing Company of Australia's specialty beer competition. Six different malts – including a healthy dose of roasted and dark barley, sweet potatoes, honey, and a touch of maple & nutmeg combine to create an unusual taste experience. A caramel-colored creamy head tops off the beer’s black, silky smooth body. This was born a complex beer before complex beers were cool. Look for it on tap throughout the 2016-2017 Winter season. Alcohol by Volume – 7.7%

Irish Red – Our love of a traditional Irish Red Ale is reborn in our Irish Red. Brewed with Maris Otter Floor Malted Barley, Three specialty roasted malts, and a balanced dose of old-world Fuggles & East Kent Goldings Hops, Irish Red takes us back to a time when a smooth malty beer with color was quaffed in cool, dark taverns. It’s a great change of pace from the heavy brews too readily served during the winter months. Best served at cellar temperature in an unchilled glass. Alcohol by volume – 5.9%

Coming Soon: Mole’ Raven – Badbrew Brewing Company’s incredible Chocolate- Chipotle Porter, Mole’ Raven is brewed with a healthy base of pale ale malt, 6 additional specialty malts, and late fermenter additions of real vanilla beans, organic cacao nibs and toasted chipotle peppers. A balanced hop blend of Nugget & Willamette rounds out the delicate flavor balance of this beer. Smooth, creamy, chocolaty and a touch of heat. Coming soon – only at Badbrew Brewing Co.

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