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Currently on Tap
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There's Always 2 beers on tap at Badbrew Brewing Company. See below for our current offerings and a brief description of each beer on tap.

Badbrew Brewing Company beers are brewed on-site using Badbrew's custom built 10 gallon all-grain RIMS system. See Brewing at Badbrew for a tour of the system and a detailed description of Badbrew Brewing Company's brewing process.

Copa Cascara – Our Raven Porter series gets an interesting boost with Cascara – the dried “leftover” skins of Coffee Cherries produced in the coffee roasting process. With a healthy base of pale ale malt, 6 additional specialty malts and Cascara added at the end of the boil, this combination creates a one-of-a-kind specialty brew – with a roasty, coffee, cherry flavor that is simply incredible. This one you just can’t let go of. Alcohol by Volume – 6.3% NOW ALSO ON-TAP AT MIDNIGHT BREWERY, Goochland, VA

Dubbel Trouble – Badbrew Brewing Company takes a walk on the European side with our take on a Belgian Dubbel. Unique Asburn Malt is combined with Pilsner & Caramel Malts plus Dark Belgian Candi Syrup & Honey to produce an interesting twist on this style. A MASH Club Competition winner, this beer is best served in a globular glass at cellar temperature. Alcohol by Volume – 7.4%

Coming Soon: Lemongrass Wild Rice – A very special variation of our popular Wild Rice Ale. Lemongrass Wild Rice begins with a base of natural Minnesota grown Wild Rice, American Pilsen, Rye & Honey Malts giving this light beer a unique earthy & slightly spicy flavor. We lightly hop it with the lemony crispness of New Zealand Motueka hops then add fresh locally sourced Lemongrass from Old Tavern Farm. The result a unique, spicy, lemony thirst quencher. Best served cold in a chilled glass. Alcohol by Volume – 5.4%

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