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Currently on Tap
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There's Always 2 beers on tap at Badbrew Brewing Company. See below for our current offerings and a brief description of each beer on tap.

Badbrew Brewing Company beers are brewed on-site using Badbrew's custom built 10 gallon all-grain RIMS system. See Brewing at Badbrew for a tour of the system and a detailed description of Badbrew Brewing Company's brewing process.

Seven Grain Saison – An interesting variation of Badbrew Brewing Company’s popular “Seven” summer brew – Seven Grains Saison combines a mix of the same 7 grains: Barley, Red Wheat, White Wheat, Oats, Rye, Triticale and Spelt to produce a creamy, full-bodied beer that doesn’t disappoint. The addition of seasonal New Zealand Motueka Hops and a funky French Farmhouse yeast add character to this tart, refreshing fall quencher. Alcohol by Volume – 5.9%

Ruffled Raven – Introducing our holiday twist on one of Badbrew Brewing Company’s most popular Beers. We start with a base of our Chocolatey Dead Raven Porter, brewed with a masterful blend of seven malts and featuring late fermenter additions of organic cacao nibs. To that we add a healthy dose of fresh-zested organic orange peel & Crushed Cassia Buds. The result? A smooth, creamy, orange-cinnamon-chocolate taste sensation! Best served in an unchilled glass at cellar temperature. Alcohol by Volume – 6.7%

Coming Soon: Sweet Potato Stout – Our most award-winning brew, Sweet Potato Stout is the flagship beer of Badbrew Brewing Company. Six different malts – including a healthy dose of roasted and dark barley, sweet potatoes, honey, and a touch of maple & nutmeg combine to create an unusual taste experience. A caramel-colored creamy head tops off the beer’s black, silky smooth body. Alcohol by Volume – 8.5%

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