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Currently on Tap
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There's Always 2 beers on tap at Badbrew Brewing Company. See below for our current offerings and a brief description of each beer on tap.

Badbrew Brewing Company beers are brewed on-site using Badbrew's custom built 10 gallon all-grain RIMS system. See Brewing at Badbrew for a tour of the system and a detailed description of Badbrew Brewing Company's brewing process.

Sandlot Steam – Our take on an American Original: Classic California Common – aka Steam Beer. To this crisp, classic lager-like brew we add a touch of Rye Spiciness and enhance the finish with an after-boil addition of Pink Peppercorns. The noble smoothness of Perle hops perfectly balances the malt backbone of this special summer brew. Best served cold in a hearty pint glass. Alcohol by Volume – 5.4%

Szechuan Wheat  – Here’s a unique take on an American Wheat! Our Spring Quencher is brewed with a healthy dose of Wheat, Pilsen & Vienna malts and delicately balanced with the citrusy hop character of Mosaic hops. To that we add Szechuan Peppercorns – not really a pepper, but a unique tiny citrus fruit. The result is a beer that is light, smooth and extremely drinkable with a slight numbing citrus mouthfeel. You likely will not be able to get enough of this special brew: Alcohol by Volume – 5.5%

Coming Soon: Hibiscus IPA– A Hibiscus Inspired Red India Pale Ale. Badbrew Brewing Company begins with a base of Specialty RedX, Pilsner & Wheat Malts, adds the Citrus/Woodsy flavor of new-generation Azacca Hops, then steeps the final product on aromatic Dried Hibiscus Flowers. After fermentation is complete, we dry hop in the seconday with more Azacca hops. The result is beautifully red beer with a floral sweetness and a balanced hop finish. Best served at cellar temperature in a stemmed glass. Alcohol by Volume – 5.8%

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