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The Sweet Potato Stout Story

December 14, 1996 – Brew Day at fledgling Badbrew Brewing Co. It was supposed to be a day to brew a winter pumpkin beer, but a problem finding baking pumpkins resulted in the creation of a legend…


Sweet Potatoes were substituted for the Pumpkin. But since brewing with sweet potatoes was unheard of at the time, we doubled the grain bill, added a bit of spice and added more dark malt to insure the finished beer would be drinkable even if it had some strange sweet potato funk to it…


The results were remarkable. Sweet Potato Stout emerged as a roasted dark, interestingly complex beer with a full body mouthfeel, a noticeable sweet potato flavor and slight residual sweetness. The beer immediately became a favorite of Badbrew Brewing Co. and soon began winning local, regional and even world-wide awards. In 1997, Sweet Potato Stout was a world-wide finalist in Morgan’s of Australia Brewing Competition. That 3rd place global finish cemented its status as Badbrew Brewing Company’s Flagship Beer.


20 years later, we celebrate the beer that today is still our most awarded. The original 1996 recipe – recreated for this 20th Anniversary event – will be brewed all winter long. Stop by and have a pint – only at the original sweet potato brewery – Badbrew Brewing Company.


·        1997 Morgan’s of Australia World-Wide Competition – 3rd Place

·         1998 Heart of Dixie Brew-Off – Best of Show Potato Beer

·         2001 Shamrock Open – 1st Place

·        2002 Big Bend Brew-Off – 1st Place

·         2003 Big Bend Brew-Off – 1st Place

·        2001 Real Ale Festival, Chicago – Honorable Mention Cask Ale

·         2002 Real Ale Festival, Chicago – Honorable Mention Cask Ale

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How it all began...
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