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Brewing at Badbrew

The System - Badbrew Brewing Company uses a uniquely designed mobile brewing platform to which the RIMS chamber, wort chiller, pump and control panel are attached. The Mashtun sits atop the platform during mashing and the brew kettle sits atop the platform during wort chilling. The platform itself is a base Rubbermaid Industrial Wheeled Cart.


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Sparging - Hot water is sprayed onto the grain bed as the grains are "rinsed" of fermentable sugars and other flavor elements resulting from the mashing process. The run-off is collected in the brew kettle and now becomes the "wort".

Boiling - The wort is now "cooked" with hop additions by boiling. Boiling allows the bittering and flavor elements of the hops to dissolve into the beer. It also stabilizes all flavor elements and clarifies the beer. Boil times are a minimum of 1 hour.

Dough-In - Heated water is pumped into the Mashtun and mixed with the crushed grains. A manifold is positioned on top of the grain bed to allow a gentle return of the recirculating liquid.

Mashing - The mixture is circulated through the RIMS system with the mash temperature monitored and controlled by a PID Controller.

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