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I brew the beer I drink - the mantra of the homebrewer. Few things are better than being able to design your own beers, brew them in your own way, then share them with family and friends.

Badbrew Brewing Company has morphed from simple beer kit beginnings to a fully functional basement brewery. Beers brewed at Badbrew Brewing Company range from the lightest of lagers to the darkest of stouts, with several specialty brews included in the mix. is primarily about the hobby of homebrewing and the beers created at Badbrew Brewing Company.
"Damn Good Beer... the best beer I've ever had"
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It's also about beer - drinking, sharing and talking about beer - those brewed at Badbrew and those from other homebrewers or commercially available beers. This site is meant to be informative and fun with comments, feedback and ideas always accepted.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy browsing this site. Oh, and grab yourself a beer - navigating is easier with a pint in-hand.

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